Hello, Again!

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Hello Again!

Well, it’s not September and it is most definitely a little bit later than intended, but here we are again and happy to be back! SO much has happened in the last year and a half. We are now bi-coastal, in that Liz moved back to Boston and Brigid is still in California. And while San Diego misses her terribly and though attempts to get her to return (reminders that it doesn’t snow on the beach) have been unsuccessful, we still thankfully share a love of stationery to keep in touch…and you know, g-chat and texting and actually talking on the phone.

Since the last time we posted, we have driven across the country bound for a new city, have both moved on from our previous jobs and apartments, have tried out new cocktails, hobbies, and outfits from Anthropologie, went to a Beyonce concert (!!!). Birthdays have passed and parties hosted ( #champagneandsequins), added 1 new puppy dog and a whole lotta snow, and now we are back (although frequency is TBD…hey, it’s a lot harder to take nail polish pictures of each others hands when you’re several time zones apart) and ready to share our Favorite Blings & Things.

Here is a small glimpse of what we’ve been up to since our last post…


{oh, the places you’ll go – driving across the country}


{at the Alamo}

new orleans

{New Orleans}

oliver the corgi




cocktails!{cocktail party!}

Alliteration Libation

Lively Liz longingly likes luscious lavender.

This is the line some guy tried to use on Liz. We have one word as a response. Laughable.

He is right though, she does love lavender. In keeping with our regular Friday drink recipe (and this horrible pick-up line) we have mixed up a lovely lavender libation. Basically a vodka soda, but with a Favorite Blings & Things twist!

Mix one part vodka

Two parts Dry Lavender Soda

And instead of a lemon or lime, add a twist of St-Germain


Scents for Morning Noon & Night


I hate to admit it, but I need my morning coffee.  I’d drink it all day if it didn’t keep me up at night.  So instead I subsitute my coffee cravings with this  body scrub and candle.  The scrub makes your skin feel bright and fresh.  Just like I like to think I am every morning! And, of course, we love aromatherapy, so with a coffee candle to burn any where, we can be transported to a coffee shop anytime we want.

{Lip Quench/Serum/Zico}

Quintessentially summer, the scent of coconut is instantly enough to make me head straight to the pool. Since sunscreen is not exactly a signature scent of a working adult in the office, we had to find some alternatives, and what we found are just as good. This Lip Quench both smells delicious and nourishes. I am pretty hard on my hair–blowdrying, straightening, not washing as often as I should, so this serum saves my hair.  It smells like summer and does not weigh my hair down. After our morning coffee, we like to keep it light a fresh with coconut water.


At night there are about a million ways to go when choosing what scent to wear. As it is still summer, we choose fun and flirty. We’ll save the serious scents for fall. This past weekend in Las Vegas, while wearing Meow by Katy Perry, we got on the elevator and a fellow elevator rider remarked, “You girls smell like cotton candy! The highest compliment you can receive in an elevator.” Cotton candy isn’t an all day every day scent, but for a fun night out, it’s perfect. Or should I say purrrfect. Paired with bubblegum scented nail polish (can you believe that exists?), and a marshmallow cocktail, you’ve got the recipe for a light-hearted, late summer night.


24 Hours in Vegas

Happy Monday! We are excited to announce that we have accomplished one thing on our Champagne Bucket List: Vegas on a whim. Brigid and a bunch of girls had planned a weekend trip and I had regretfully declined the invite. But early last week, after a glass of champagne and a little encouragement, I just decided to do it.

It was a great decision. I enjoyed one fun night in Vegas full of…well, as they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Grapefruit Julep Margarita

The original plan was to try to make a mint julep. The plan was quickly derailed by a lack of bourbon and a strong preference for tequila. So instead of a tradition mint julep, we decided to try to make our own tequila julep by simple substitution. Something wasn’t working, as what we were left with was bland and plain. So, getting creative, we used what we had (see below), threw it all in the blender, and came up with a frozen drink that is in the middle of a julep and margarita.

Leaving (For) Las Vegas


This is week is Brigid’s birthday week, and what better place to celebrate than Las Vegas. Not only do we want to win a million bucks, but we want to look like a million bucks. There are only a few places where no one bats an eye at this level of bling, and that’s why we’re going. We’ve done the little black dress and this trip is all about the sparkle!



And don’t forget…

{Bling H2O}

Take Us Out to the Ball Game

We can hardly believe that it is already August, and while this month is filled with more trips (Las Vegas and Cape Cod), birthday fun, and theme parties, the arrival of August reminds us that summer is almost over. It also reminds us that we have only checked off 3 of our summer to-dos, but this past Friday night, we checked off number 4, cheering on the home team at a baseball game. The night began with pizza and champagne before moving to the tippy top of the stadium to cheer on our team (we won!). Afterwards, we enjoyed the company of great friends at a rooftop spot, taking advantage of the warm August night, while we still can.


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