I hate to admit it, but I need my morning coffee.  I’d drink it all day if it didn’t keep me up at night.  So instead I subsitute my coffee cravings with this  body scrub and candle.  The scrub makes your skin feel bright and fresh.  Just like I like to think I am every morning! And, of course, we love aromatherapy, so with a coffee candle to burn any where, we can be transported to a coffee shop anytime we want.

{Lip Quench/Serum/Zico}

Quintessentially summer, the scent of coconut is instantly enough to make me head straight to the pool. Since sunscreen is not exactly a signature scent of a working adult in the office, we had to find some alternatives, and what we found are just as good. This Lip Quench both smells delicious and nourishes. I am pretty hard on my hair–blowdrying, straightening, not washing as often as I should, so this serum saves my hair.  It smells like summer and does not weigh my hair down. After our morning coffee, we like to keep it light a fresh with coconut water.


At night there are about a million ways to go when choosing what scent to wear. As it is still summer, we choose fun and flirty. We’ll save the serious scents for fall. This past weekend in Las Vegas, while wearing Meow by Katy Perry, we got on the elevator and a fellow elevator rider remarked, “You girls smell like cotton candy! The highest compliment you can receive in an elevator.” Cotton candy isn’t an all day every day scent, but for a fun night out, it’s perfect. Or should I say purrrfect. Paired with bubblegum scented nail polish (can you believe that exists?), and a marshmallow cocktail, you’ve got the recipe for a light-hearted, late summer night.